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Health Care is not equal for all New Yorkers

Low income New Yorkers are less likely to receive the care they deserve compared to higher income New Yorkers. The health disparities stem from patients not being able to keep appointments due to:

Childcare issues
Lack of transportation
Financial Scarcity
Social Support Services

Allure Cares, bridges the healthcare disparity gap by providing low income New Yorkers care management services and giving them access to affordable health care.

Join us in closing the healthcare disparity gap!



Case Managers

How Allure Cares is closing the Healthcare Disparity Gap

The mission of Allure Cares is to improve the health, lives and well-being of low income New Yorkers
by promoting access to affordable, quality healthcare

Case Coordination

Manage the the patient’s care activities and share information with the patient’s care team providers.

Medical Counseling

Assist patients by providing them with information to improve their health, treatment adherence and quality of life.

Case Conference

We work closely with patient’s doctors and other team members to arrange for care and monitor the medications and guide the patient and family towards the best quality of healthcare options.

Medication Delivery

For your convenience, we offer fast home delivery in the five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester. And we offer blister packaging

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